We’re less than two weeks away from the big day! 

There are a number of us doing all the different distances and we’re very keen for everyone to get around and support each other over the course of the morning.

Nikki and Dom will be arriving at Fed Square just after 6am, as Dom is competing in the half-marathon which starts at 7am.

Dom will be holding a warm up for all the half-marathoners at 6:30am before we head down to the start line together.

That means Nikki will be around to meet those arriving for the 10km which starts at 9:15am. We'd recommend arriving from 8am to allow for plenty of time. She'll be down at finish line on Birrarung Marr. 

 As Nix and the 10k people head off for their run, Dom will be able to meet all the half marathoners as they arrive to give them sweaty hugs and food/drink. 

Then the aim is to go and see some of the 10km runners at around the 5km mark to cheer them on! After that we'll head back to the finish line (don't worry it's a nice short walk!)

There’s nothing better than hearing people cheer you on as you’re finishing a run so let’s make sure we’re all supporting each other.


We’ll make a Messenger group in the lead up to the day so that it’ll be easy to contact each other and clarify anything.

Race Day Info

MOST IMPORTANTLY - we will be having a competition on Race Day for the UGLIEST ‘keep warm' top.


Dom and Nikki have a tradition in going to an op-shop in the days before a race and buying the most hideous top to wear up until the race begins. It can get pretty chilly just standing there in a singlet/t-shirt and waiting for the gun to go, so it’s important to have something over the top of your clothes that you can just leave at the start line and never see again.


Run Melbourne is really good at collecting all of these after runners have gone past and donating them to charity. 

Above is a photo of Dom’s jumper from a couple of years ago - for one brief second he became a man known as ‘The Barkinator’. 

Winner will have their post-run beer paid for!

Ugly Jumper Contest

Our new running singlets and t-shirts have arrived and we'll be making sure you receive them over the coming weeks so you'll be able to wear them at Run Melbourne. 

We're really pleased with the quality and design and can't wait to see you all wearing them out on the course!

Official BCN Apparel

After everyone has come in and crossed the finish line in a blaze of glory, we're going to head up to the Garden State Hotel on Flinders Lane for a beer and a burger. 

Everyone is more than welcome (including support crews) to celebrate an awesome achievement. 

Hopefully we can all head up together, but we'll be there from around 11am if you need to leave and come back. 

Celebratory Food and Drink!